Make friends

  • Create your own faction, invite your friends and makes some new ones.
  • Be part of a unique competitive community, where each member counts.
  • Or maybe you want to be a lone cowboy, raiding castles and destroying factions.


  • Not all factions and players are friendly, wage wars or make allies to survive.
  • Dominate the server and become the most feared faction.
  • No matter what you do, remember you only have 1 life. Don't waste it!


  • Don't want to fight? Build defences and surprise your enemies.
  • Claim land for your your faction and amaze everyone with your incredible building skills.
  • Discover ancient ruins and acquire powerful artifacts.

Become the best!

  • Fight, build, claim!
  • Become the most respected faction on the server. Defeat your enemies and have your allies on their knees.
  • Chase the eternal glory and simply be the BEST!