Commands Description
/spawn After 60 second delay teleports your player to spawn.
/help Views a list of available commands.
/helop [message] Message online admins.
/list /list Admin List all online players or a specific group.
/motd Views the Message Of The Day.
/rules Views the server rules.
/compass Describes your current bearing.
/info Shows information set by the server owner.
/msg [player] [message] Sends a private message to the specified player.
/msgtoggle [player] [on|off] Blocks receiving all private messages.
/r [message] Quickly reply to the last player to message you.
/ping Pong!
/kits Show a list of kits.
/kit start Claim a start kit (basic tools and some food), 24hr cool down.
Commands Description
/f create [name] Creates a new faction.
/f claim o Claim the current chunk (16x16 area) you are standing in for your faction. Only the members of your faction will be able to build there.
/f claim auto /f claim a Automatically claim all the chunks (16x16 area) that you walk on.
/f claim fill /f claim f Claim all the empty chunks within the borders of your claimed area.
/f claim square [radius] /f claim s [radius] Claim all the chunks around you in range of [radius] in a square like shape.
/f claim circle [radius] /f claim c [radius] Claim all the chunks around you in range of [radius] in a circular shape.
/f unclaim Unclaims the chunk you are standing on. Can be used with auto, fill, square, circle.
/f name [name] Change the name of your faction.
/f map /f map [on/off] Show the territory around you.
/f des [description] Set a description for your faction.
/f motd [text] Set the faction's message of the day. This message will only be displayed to your faction members as they join the server. This can be used as a simple news system.
/f ally [faction] Ally your faction with another faction.
/f enemy [faction] Declare war to another faction.
/f truce [faction] Make peace with a faction.
/f neutral [faction] Be neutral towards another faction.
/f inv [player] Invites a player to your faction.
/f remove [player] Revoke an invite to your faction.
/f kick [player] Kick a player from your faction.
/f list List all factions.
/f officer [player] Make a player an officer in your faction.
/f leader [player] Set a leader for your faction.
/f disband Deletes your faction forever.
/f leave Leave your current faction.
/f promote [player] Promote a player in your faction.
/f demote [player] Demote a player in your faction.